Thursday, September 11, 2008

Recent Sketches

Last week, I had a few days to kick back, and unwind after a pretty significant push here at work. It was nice, just walking around the city reading comics, shopping, watching some films, and drawing to my heart's content. Having a few quiet days like that, I realized how lucky I am to be living in such a beautiful city with tons to do and see. It also reminds me to get out more! Here's a little sample of what I got up to.
Also, The Totoro Forest Project auction was last week, and was amazing. I'll be posting more about that in the near future.
Until then,



RAWLS said...

Ahhh.. those relaxing days are great aren't they?! Nice sketches my friend!!

Anthony Holden said...

These sketches are beautiful.

Randeep Katari said...

Hey J
Great stuff as always, I have a folder full of stuff to reference each morning on my way to work before I get a-sketching, and your stuff and nick's, among a few others is always a amazing source of inspiration. Glad to see you posting again! Hope all is well.

Matt said...

Glad to see more posts from you. The sixth drawing is just too perfect. I feel like I know exactly what's goin' on in that guys head. Great stuff as usual. More please!

Dani said...

You are too good!
And you have to post your comics.

the doodlers said...

Comics? Let's see 'em!!

Lot's of life in these sketches!

Bobby Chiu said...

lovely sketches James! yeah can we see some of the comic stuff?? :P

tokyobanana said...

OOOOHHHH THIS MOVIEsorry this short is so sweet and smart , i really love this story , it's so perfect and well describe the ideas are really inventive and wellplaced in the short , and wow so much love behind the scenes .

Ps: James sorry for being so absent on your blog since few months , i love your art for ever i think and i cannot tell how it's true , i would work with a person like you , it appears that pixar tell me that my work is great so maybe we could find a solution to meet us one day .
Iwas with bolhem at annecy and he told me that my work could really conviced with the pixar studios , me i just want to share it and share great things with great people like you i hope someone will heard me , and me to prepare my book , cause everybody here in france in my studio ask me to do it but i cannot stop make new arts so i can do that both , but i 'll stop and finish it to really make thing comes true . I hope you will receive my sincere feelings about your work and glad to post on your blog again . see you

sincerly and with happyness , Emmanuel Briand

tokyobanana said...

sorry for the novel i ve posted , ah ah ah