Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sketchoholic interview

Last Sunday, I sat down with Bobby Chiu, a pal and former classmate of mine, and spoke about story, TS3 and a bit about myself. It was really fun and inspiring to do.
The interview is up HERE ,if you are so inclined.
Alongside the interview was an art contest where the winner received an original drawing from me based on the theme 'flight'. The artwork I chose out of a field for 80 odd amazing entries was submitted by Stevie Lewis, a talented artist, and a student at Ringling.
Here's what she'll be getting.

Thanks to Bobby for getting it going, and huge thanks to everyone who submitted to the contest.


Adam said...

That's awesome. :D I saw Bobby Chiu's email about interviewing you for Sketchoholic. Glad the competition had a good turnout.

Josh 'Hat' Lieberman said...

Hey dude

saw the interview you did, it was really inspiring (and informative). Thanks for doin that.

Love all the sketches you've got posted here, killer artwork dude.

OV! said...

i really enjoy your work.

very nice stuff.


Nicholas Hong said...

I'm 2nd year attending Sheridan in animation. I got so much inspirations from your interview. Especially, talking about making portfolio and "be yourself" part..
Thank you!

Sandra Brandst├Ątter said...

the interview as well as your sketches on your blog are very inspiring to me.

Adrian Lubbers said...

Caught the stream. Excellent speaking skills my friend. GOOD ANSWERS. LOL

If you get tired of art ever, you could run for Governor of Cali-Fonia. (gotta say that part with an Austrian accent)

Anonymous said...

Great interview, both HJee, Hana and I really loved them.
Talk soon


Brad Sutton said...
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Brad Sutton said...

Hey man, just heard you and your wifes interview on Great stuff. Been listening to them while I paint bg's. Went a got myself a whiskey flight after just to say I've got one before!! I'm a Southern comfort man myself. it's like liquid candy.