Friday, December 31, 2010

2010-TOY STORY 3

2010 was a big year for me. As most of you know, I was fortunate to work on Toy Story 3 as a story artist, a film I'm incredibly proud of. I spent almost three years on it, giving everything I could as often as I could to a project I believed in and was deeply committed to. The reception for the film has been overwhelming, really, and recently Disney has started stumping for the film to be considered for Best Picture at the academy awards. In that effort, they've begun to run a series of one sheets to garner support for the film, and to my surprise an image from a sequence I worked on was chosen to represent the film.
As 2010 comes to a close, I'd like to again thank everyone who made it all possible for me you all know who you are. If working at Pixar the last 4 years has taught me anything, it's that you're only as good as the team you're on, the friends you make, and the people you depend on, and that can depend on you - story, life is truly a team endeavor.


Quentin Lebegue said...

The best and most powerful sequence of the film IMO, along with the amazing final scene.

I wish they would use pictures of scenes like this - dramatic, powerful ones - to do the main posters for the animated movies. It would be so awesome ! The one for How To Train Your Dragon came pretty close to that I guess.

Congratulations again for Toy Story 3, a happy new year and all the best for the future !

Daniel said...

Congrats James. Nice list. Funny I made my own ;)

Tammy said...

Hello James!
My name is Tammy and I met you at the Toy Story 3 panel and also at CTN Expo.
Congrats on Toy Story 3!
Your scene was definitely the most memorable and talked about!

Please keep up the awesome work!

Happy New Year!

Munchanka said...

I just went to a NYE party where the hostess's first question, upon meeting me, was "Who came up with that inferno dump sequence?"

I proudly told them Adrian did.

Avner Geller said...

Thank you for sharing this James! it's been great reading your thoughts on the process of working on the film (both here and on sketcholohic). Toy story 3 was such a touching film to me and I can only hope for many more to come. Happy new year, and may it be a year full of inspiration and drawing!


Brandon said...

TS 3 is up against a lot of good animated films, but I think it should win. A three-quel of this quality is hard to find. When you realize that those character's ultimate goal is to retire to an attic in a home where they're no longer needed, your heart goes out to them. Pixar has proved themselves to be the only studio that can tackle this kind of material with such mastery.

Laurghita said...

It's something mystic behind 21 blog posts for every year ?!

Sandra Brandst├Ątter said...

find your drawings pretty inspiring and whish you a good start into the new year (which is allready two weeks old).

Jamie Baker said...

Congratulations, james. This movie deserves all the accolades it has gotten.

Megan said...

It took months of trying but when I got the dvd for Christmas I FINALLY got my older sister to watch Toy Story 3.

We cried so hard we had to turn the volume up to max just so we could hear the movie.

Wonderful story! GREAT sequel--if only all of Hollywood could take a few hints from how Pixar does it!

Mark said...

Congrats man.. I saw your interview with Bobby the other day.. Thanks for such an inspirational talk, your words have truly made a stamp in my brain. Your one talented dude.
Wicked blog you got here too.

arzu said...

Hi James,
emotional power of your work is truly amazing and empressive.
I found your blog from the interview you did with Bobby,amazing story,very inspirational,maybe specially because i went to same school, your interview went right to all my sheridan friends at studio.
all the best

amauryons said...

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TMiuccio said...

Hey James,
That's awesome that you got to work on TS3! Its great to see how much you love it at Pixar. I'm studying 3d art at utdallas and I was wondering, What is your favorite part about working within Pixar? And what is the hardest part?

Thanks for your time,
Tony Miuccio